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Temporary Staffing

To assist businesses manage the fluctuations in demand or cover for employees who are on leave, the company provides employers with temporary and contract workers to meet short-term or seasonal staffing needs.

Secondary Occupations

EV Workforce Solutions specialize in understanding the unique needs and requirements of both parties involved. Carefully matching the skills, experience, and availability of job seekers, ensuring a seamless match with the available part-time positions.

Study Permit Holder Work Staffing

We understand the immense value and potential that study permit holders play in the ever-changing job market. We are here to assist you in finding unique job opportunities that can unlock your full potential.

Health Occupations

With the demands and the number of Healthcare professionals that are waiting to be employed, we are dedicated to matching qualified individuals with their ideal job placements, ensuring success for our clients.

Best Candidates

We carefully select highly qualified candidates that perfectly match your business needs. We also have a sustainable labor pool supply.

Seamless Transactions

Our company streamlines transactions with simple processes and favorable terms for client satisfaction.


We offer lower mark-up rates and competitive prices. Our team is dedicated to exceptional customer service that caters to your needs and preferences.


Our company has a reliable and sustainable labor pool, specifically designed to cater to our organization’s unique needs. We offer a competitive advantage and pride ourselves on having a team dedicated to ensuring the pool remains dependable.


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